Shelf Talkers

A 3.25"x5.25" JPG of each shelf talker is linked below.

Each talker notes how dry or sweet the wine is, the residual sugar percentage, as well as a description of the wine.

How to Download

Click on the name of the wine you want to download to be redirected.

How to Display

Simply fold the upper portion of the talker to add to your shelf!


5 O'Clock Bella Ice
Bella Rosa Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Sauvignon Chambourcin
Chautauqua Blush Chautauqua Niagara
Chautauqua Red Chautauqua White
Dry Riesling Edelweiss
Gewurztraminer Isabella
Late Harvest Delaware Late Harvest Gewurztraminer
Mereo Peach Splash
Pinot Grigio Raspberry Truffle
Riesling Sangria de Marguerite
Sangria Wine Slush Mix Seyval Blanc
Strawberry Festival Vidal Ice
XTC XTC Wine Slush Mix